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Wednesday, September 6, 2017



Quick Adoption Overview
DOB January 2, 2016
Located in Bolton
* Available for adoption with special conditions pending her spay (see below)
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Fenced yard required
Before applying to adopt a dog or emailing us with questions, please read the dog's entire bio and review our FAQ page.  Emails asking questions that are answered on that page will not be responded to.
All about Mocha
This lovable girl is a new arrival in our program and is settling nicely into foster care.  She is a typical velcro newf who wants to be right by her foster mom's side, and get loads and loads of belly rubs.  She is a total love bug who craves attention and is pretty sure that everyone she meets wants to be her new best friend! 

Mocha is learning how to be a well mannered gal, but still has much to learn.  She received no training prior to her surrender, she had not even been in a collar before we picked her up!  She is learning all about living indoors, learning commands, practicing walking on leash, and figuring out how to greet people without jumping on them and knocking them over!   She is a work in progress, but is sweet, eager to please, and will soon blossom into the great dog she is meant to be.  Mocha is already making fabulous progress with her training. What a good girl!

An owner who has time to train Mocha, attend obedience classes and give her the structure and opportunities to learn will be the best match for her.  She likes children but due to her jumpy/pushy behaviour is not suited to a home with very young kids who would easily be knocked over.

Mocha gets along with well mannered dogs, but can be easily overwhelmed with a large number of dogs around.  She would be happy to join a home with one or two gentle dogs, or would be equally happy to be the only dog in the family.  She pays no attention to cats so could join a home with a feline pal.

This young gal had a litter of pups shortly before coming into our care.  We will not be spaying her until late September as her body needs time to adjust before undergoing surgery.  *We will consider placing her into an adoptive home as a "foster" prior to her spay with a family who lives near one of our rescue-friendly clinics (Mississauga, Guelph, Markham, Peterborough, Bancroft) then we will have her spayed at one of these clinics once she is ready to undergo surgery. At this time we are not considering placing her outside of one of these areas because it is not safe to spay her yet.  If she has not been adopted by the time she is spayed we will then consider homes at a greater distance and in the US.

Mocha has received a full vet check including vaccines and bloodwork.  She is a small girl weighing just over 80 lbs and appears to be in good health and will be ready for spay surgery at the end of Sept.

An adoption donation of $500 will apply.

To be considered for adopting a dog through Newf Friends please submit a completed application, which can be found on the CONTACT US/FORMS page. Before completing an application or emailing us with questions, please review our FAQ page.  As outlined on our FAQ page, applicants who do not meet our adoption requirements (ie. no fenced play area, living in an apartment building, having young children, etc.) will not be considered -- please do not email us asking us to make an exception.