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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

About Newf Friends

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Surrendering your Newf:
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If you are looking for a puppy please read our IDENTIFYING BACK-YARD-BREEDERS page, and be sure to visit our BREEDER REFERRAL page to see a list of reputable NDCC breeders who have upcoming litters.

Volunteering and Fostering:
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Sunday, February 5, 2017


Brief Adoption Overview:
Available for adoption: special adoption conditions will apply regarding treatment for his eye
DOB: December 13, 2016
Purebred, unpapered Saint Bernard
Good with other dogs and cats
Suited to a home with children over 8 yrs of age
Fostered in Bancroft, ON

All About Odin:
This adorable ball of fluff was surrendered to us on February 4 so he could be treated for injuries to his eye.  His initial exam confirms that the eye is non-functional and does need to be removed. However, given that the eye is not painful and is stable at this time, in consultation with a specialist we have decided to postpone surgery until Odin is a little bit older.  At only 2 months of age, it does not make sense to do non-urgent surgery just yet.

Odin is available for adoption now, with special conditions in place until we finish treatment of the eye. This would require an adoptive home near one of our rescue-friendly vet clinics (Apsley, Mississauga or Fergus.) Odin will need to have his eye closely monitored daily, and taken in for pressure checks monthly (at our expense, at one of our rescue friendly clinics).  Once he is a bit older we will cover the cost of the enucleation at one of our rescue friendly clinics.

Odin is a very confident pup who is full of beans and loves to explore and get himself into all sorts of trouble.  He is proving himself to be very bright and quick to learn and is a typical mischievous, cheeky puppy.  A family that has the time to properly train and socialize a young pup will be the best fit for Odin.

Given his very strong personality, he will be best suited to a giant-breed savvy family; first-time dog owners are not a match for him.  

Odin is a very mouthy pup and given that he was removed from his litter at 7.5 weeks of age, it is essential that he have a lot of exposure to other dogs to help him learn bite inhibition.  He has joined a foster home with 6 other dogs and is getting exposure to canine companions of all ages and sizes, as well as farm animals.  Continued exposure to properly socialized, fully vaccinated dogs will be very important for Odin.

He is playful and enjoys being in the company of other dogs.  He will romp and play for hours, wrestling and playing tug with toys.  Preference will be given to a home with another well-mannered dog for Odin to have as a buddy.
He is learning to interact nicely with cats, and could join a home with a dog savvy feline who doesn't mind puppy breath.

Does it get any cuter?  One of Odin's foster brothers was enjoying a nap in the snow and Odin decided to curl up with him for a snuggle.  So cute!  He loves to cuddle with the other dogs at his foster home (and also chase their tails, nibble their faces, and generally pester them!)

We will be socializing Odin with children to ensure that he is well mannered and respectful around kids.   Given his lack of vision on his right side, he will be best suited to a home with children over the age of 8 to avoid being startled by a young child approaching his blind side without warning.

Odin is being fostered in the Bancroft, ON area; his approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  To facilitate his ongoing vet care, at this time we will only consider applications from adopters close to one of our rescue-friendly clinics, listed above.

US adopters will not be considered due to vaccination requirements to cross the border and distance to our vet clinics.

A securely fenced yard is required.  We do not place young pups into homes where they will be left home alone for more than 4 hours per day.

An adoption donation of $550 will apply, plus a refundable $250 neuter-security deposit which will be reimbursed once he is neutered at the appropriate age (24 months of age for a giant breed male) as per our spay/neuter contract.

Monday, January 23, 2017



Quick Adoption Overview:
Available for Adoption
DOB: May 1, 2016 - 9 months old
Arrived January 22, 2017 
Kids 12+ as Miley is working on her manners
Could live with a well-mannered dog
Could live with a dog-savvy cat
Located in Ottawa, ON 

All about Miley:

This cute gal is an affectionate, happy pup who has loads of love to give.  She is full of life and looking for a wonderful family to help her reach her full potential. 

She happens to be a litter-mate of Boomer who was surrendered to us in December.  Miley's family were experiencing many of the same training issues that Boomer's family experienced.  Excitability, mouthiness, jumping up, pulling, counter cruising, poor socialization, and general unpredictable hooligan behaviour.  Oh Miley, what a monkey you are!

Thanks to the hard work of her foster family, Miley is making great strides in improving her manners and learning how to behave like a civilized Newf.  She still has much to learn, but is bright and receptive to training.

Miley has graduated from obedience class and has a basic foundation for working with.  She is food motivated and eager to please.  With a NILIF training approach her manners are coming along, but there is much work to do.

She is learning how to walk nicely on lead, and how to greet new people and animals appropriately -- her adoptive family will need to continue working on these skills.  Miley will benefit from opportunities to improve her social skills around other dogs since she becomes excitable when meeting new dogs and can easily become over stimulated.  Controlled interactions with well-socialized dogs will be essential for Miley.  She could join a family with a nicely mannered dog and an experienced handler.

Miley is best suited to a family who have owned a giant breed before -- she is not a good fit for first-time dog owners. Continued training is a must for Miley.

Miley appears to be in good health, has great mobility and is current on vaccines.  She is in heat now and will not be released until her heat has ended.  It will be several months before she is ready to be spayed, so our strictly enforced spay policy will be in place. A $500 adoption donation, plus a $250 spay deposit (refundable at time of spay) will apply.  

She is being fostered in the Ottawa area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  A securely fenced, Newf-proof yard is required.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Calendars still available!

Happy "Newf" Year!
Have you hung up your Newf Friends calendar? Marleigh is this month's model, such a pretty girl! 

If you don't have your Newf Friends calendar yet, no worries, you can still order one! Not only is this large size calendar filled with gorgeous colour photos of the Newfs who have come through our program, but the best part is, 100 % of the funds from the sale of the calendars come to our rescue to help the Newfs in our foster program. Here's the link to our awesome online store.....happy shopping!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thanks for your support

Look at all of those beautiful faces--our 2016 happy endings! 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters we were able to help each of these dogs get the care they needed and find a loving forever family this year. Thanks for your support everyone!

A HUGE THANK YOU also goes out to the amazing veterinarians who are so supportive of our rescue efforts and help us provide top quality care to every dog in our program. This includes the teams at Apsley Veterinary ServicesClarkson Village Animal HospitalSouth Tower Animal HospitalAlmonte Veterinary ServicesKawartha Veterinary Emergency ClinicBurlington Veterinary Emergency and Referral HospitalBridle Trail Veterinary ClinicBlair Animal Hospital and Foster Park Pet Hospital to name a few.

And of course, a very special thank you goes out to our AMAZING team of foster families and volunteers who work tirelessly and always go above and beyond for all of the dogs in our program. It takes a team to run a rescue and we are so lucky to have such a phenomenal group of committed volunteers. Thank you all for your hard work, compassion and dedication.

From all of us at Newf Friends, Happy Newf Year everyone!

Saturday, December 10, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
Available for adoption
DOB May 1, 2016
Kids 12+, as Boomer is still working on his manners
A home with a playful dog preferred
Not tested with cats
Located in Niagara Falls, ON

All About Boomer

Meet the adorable 9 month old Boomer!  This young man is full of beans the way only an adolescent male Newf can be!  He is also very intelligent, responsive to direction, and a quick learner -- a diamond in the rough.

Boomer was surrendered when his owners felt that his training needs were beyond what they could manage.  He was playing roughly with their other pets, jumping up, counter surfing, barking, and generally being a total hooligan.  Oh Boomer!  It was pretty clear that Boomer needed some training, structure, socialization and manners, and that is exactly what he's been getting from his awesome foster parents. He's doing great!  Much better.  Way to go Booms!

Boomer is thriving in a calm environment where his exercise, socialization and training needs are being met.   Once Boomer has had a bit of playtime outside, he is quiet and well behaved indoors.  He loves he relax near to his humans, or play around with his toys.  He also loves playing with his foster brother, another playful young Newf.  He's fitting into his foster home very well.

Boomer enjoys a nice game of fetch, loves working on obedience, and is eager to please. Atta boy Boomer!   He loves the water, so swimming opportunities would suit him very well.

Boomer walks well on a leash and is bright and quick to learn. He responds well to positive training techniques.  Working one-on-one with a handler, Boomer is focused and follows direction well.
He is full of love and kisses for his owners, and very polite and friendly meeting new people too.

Boomer is reliably house trained, as well as crate trained.

When meeting new dogs, or encountering dogs while out for a walk, Boomer needs to be reminded of his manners.  He tends to bark and get worked up. Once he is familiar with a dog he is playful and wants to romp and play.  His play style is rough and tumble, so Boomer would not be a great fit with senior dogs, or dogs that have no interest in playing.

Boomer would benefit greatly from joining a home with another well mannered dog. This dog would need to be playful and tolerant of a boisterous puppy, but calm and non-reactive to help Boomer with his social skills..

His foster family have him enrolled in classes to work on his doggie social skills and manners.  He's doing very well!  An adoptive family that is willing to continue taking him to training classes will be the best fit for Boomer.  He is not suited to a first time dog owner.

Do you have enough toys yet, Boomer?  :)
Due to his training needs, and puppy energy, he is not suited to a home with young children, or frail individuals who may be injured by a boisterous pup.

Applications are now being accepted for Boomer.

Boomer is being fostered in Niagara Falls ON; his approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 will apply, plus a refundable $250 neuter-security deposit which will be reimbursed once he is neutered at the appropriate age (24 months of age for a giant breed male) as per our spay/neuter contract.


A big thanks to Jodie Etmanski Photography for Boomer's photos! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016




Quick Adoption Overview
Available for adoption
DOB May 9, 2016
Fostered in Toronto

working hard at aqua therapy

All about Shadow

What a catch!

Shadow is a well-mannered boy who gets along with everyone he meets. He is a typical playful pup who likes to go for walks, play with other four-footed pals, romp around and explore, and chase the occasional squirrel. Silly boy.

Well mannered in the house, Shadow knows his basic commands, and is an all around sweet pup.  Well tempered and friendly, this boy is a real gem.

He came to us when his loving owners were not able to meet his medical needs. Shadow suffered from osteochondritis dissecans in both of his shoulders.  We had arthroscopic surgery performed by a board certified orthopedic surgeon on January 6th and the procedure went very well.  Shadow has been working hard at his rehabilitation over the last few weeks and is making fabulous progress.  He's almost all healed up and ready to go.  Thanks to this surgery he will be able to enjoy and lead a long, happy pain free life.   Hooray!


Shadow is being fostered in Toronto.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 will apply.

Fenced yard required.

Friday, November 25, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
3 years old -- DOB Feb 10, 2014
Newf mix
Spayed, UTD Vaccines
Mollie is a fabulous dog!

All about Mollie

Mollie is a wonderful girl with loads of love to give.  This sweet Newf mix is super friendly, adores spending time with people, loves belly rubs, chin tickles and hugs.  It is so apparent that she has known only kindness in her life. She's a charming, affectionate girl who is eager to please and just wants to be adored.

An old soul, Molly has a calm, gentle way about her.  She has excellent house manners, she is quiet and polite.  Typical of Newfs, she is a total velcro dog who follows her foster mom around and wants to lay right in the middle of everything that is happening. So cute!

She has joined a foster home with several other dogs and is well mannered with everyone -- polite and respectful.  Having said that, every now and then she meets a dog she doesn't like.  She'd be happy to join a family where she would be the only dog in the house.

Such a happy girlie!
When she arrived in foster care she was non-reactive to goats, chickens and cats, but as she started to drop her excess weight and feel better she began to show signs of prey drive.  She'd be best in a cat-free home.

Sitting in a sunbeam soaking up the warmth.  Mollie also loves napping by the fire. 
This loving and affectionate Newf mix arrived in our care on Nov 23/16 suffering from serious issues with her knees. She is a well loved gal who has known only kindness in her life, but faced with the reality of expensive surgeries and long, difficult rehabilitation, her loving owners saw no options to save her. They made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize Mollie.  A few hours before the scheduled appointment we were contacted to see if we would be willing to bring her into our program--how could we say no?

Mollie is a Newf mix -- her Dad apparently was a registered newf, mom a newf/shepherd mix.  She is about the size of a typical female Newf, although with lighter bone structure.  Her coat is thick, but not as long as a Newf's; somewhat similar to a short coated St. Bernard's coat.  She is deep chested like a Newf, and has gentle soft eyes.

On arrival Mollie was quite overweight. Her thyroid function is normal, so her weight issues appear to be diet/exercise related.  As mentioned, this gal was very well loved, and maybe she was on the receiving end of a few too many cookies..... With a healthy diet the pounds have melted off.

The ligaments in Mollie's knees were both totally ruptured  leaving her with no stability or support in her knees and experiencing significant pain.  On December 15 she underwent bilateral TPLO surgery performed by an orthopaedic surgeon.  She is currently recovering in foster care and doing very well--she can join an adoptive home now.

We expect Mollie will make a full recovery and will have excellent mobility once her rehabilitation is complete. She has many months of rehab ahead of her, the first 3 months post-op being the most intensive.  She can join an adoptive family now provided that the family has the set-up, time and willingness to continue on with Mollie's rehabilitation (restricted exercise, building up her muscles) which will be ongoing into the summer.

This young gal has a long, happy life ahead of her.  With your support she will be able to live her life to the fullest, pain-free and healthy.

This lovely gal is being fostered in the Bancroft area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person,  An adoption donation of $400 applies.